About Yagnam

Yagnam is a last stage of worship of god. In Yagnas, Havanam will be done with the manthras of liking God. 39 Saraswathi Manthras of Rugwedha and 162 Saraswathi manthras of Bhrahmarushi Daivaratha of Gokarna i.e., in total with 201 Manthras, the Saraswathi Yagnams are being performed in all places of Andhra pradesh. Saraswathi yagnam is being performed in one Sunday of every month by one devotee in his convenient place. These yagnas started during February 1992 by forming Sarswathi Sevasamithi. Till now 260 Yagnams were held and 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th, 125th, 150th, 175th, 200, 225th, 251st were all performed in sacred places of all over india. Kolhapour (Maharasthra), Ujjaini – Madhya pradesh, Somnath – Gujrath, Kasi – Uttar Pradesh, Rameshwaram and courthalam – Tamilnadu, Puskhar – Rajasthan, Chamundi – Himachal Pradesh, Puri – Orissa, Gokarnam – Karnataka are so far performed. In every Yagnam hundreds of people will be fed. In every yagnam there will be Speches on Saraswathi tatwams and it’s publicity by founder Brahma Shree Astakala Narasimha Sharma Garu. At Gokharnam one Saraswathi and Bhrama Rishi Daivaratha Temple was constructed by Saraswathi Sevasamithi, Sidhipet of Medak Dist.

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